Something Serious needs to be done to protect Dublin Cyclists

Luas Cross City
Luas Cross City

The number of accidents occurring on Luas tacks is becoming more frequent. The Irish Times has spoken recently to many Cyclists who have experienced injuries crossing the tracks.

“Katharine Deas, a Londoner now living in Sandymount, said a bus forced her too close to the tram tracks and her wheel got stuck, throwing her off her bicycle. “It’s really dangerous. Bus drivers in Dublin don’t understand that around the Luas tracks they need to take more care of cyclists”.

Interestingly enough, an option to protect cyclists by placing rubber protection grips on the tracks was considered during construction but later rejected due to costs.

A group – the “Dublin Cycling Campaign has been calling for better integration of cycling into Luas Cross City since the project’s inception, but those calls have fallen on deaf ears” they say.

This group has  also published, anonymously, a compilation of some of the stories that people have told them regarding falls on or near the new Luas tracks and is worth a read.

A number of incidents recorded by cyclists have appeared on social media.



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