Oprah 2020?

Oprah Winfrey’s energetic speech at the 2018 Golden Globes this weekend has roused speculation that she might make a run to the White House in 2020!

Before the incumbent US President, one would have laughed this off, like gossip.  With a massive following of loyal Americans – it’s a possibility – at the very least.

Oprah has previously shrugged off rumours that she would run for President and when asked backstage at the Golden Globes, she stated: “I don’t, I don’t,”.

Her longtime partner is singing off a different hymn sheet, however, telling the LA Times It’s up to the people,” and “She would absolutely do it.”

Oprah is estimated to have a net worth of 2.8 billion by Forbes and a large (and wealthy following) should she decided to run for office, money would not be an issue.

According to CNN, two of her friends have stated she is “actively thinking” about it. “The two friends, who requested anonymity to speak freely, talked in the wake of Winfrey’s extraordinary speech at the Golden Globes Sunday night, which spurred chatter about a 2020 run. ” source


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